Bouncing Bugs was a children’s flat ride which could be found at the park for many years, with it being found on one of the earliest park maps dating back to 1982 where it was located in Adventure Land 4-11.

Fact File

  • Location: Adventureland 4-11 / Festival Park / Ug Land / Cred Street
  • Manufacturer: ETS
  • Opening Year: 1981
  • Closing Year: 2008

Over the years Bouncing Bugs had several different names, including Baby Flug, Junior Flyer and Ug Bugs. 2005 saw the ride move from Ug Land to Cred Street and receive what would be its final name, Bouncing Bugs.

This classic children’s ride was similar to the flying elephants that can be found at many parks, but on a smaller scale. The cars rotated in a clockwise formation while riders could alter the height of the cars above the ground using a lever stick. To ride Bouncing Bugs guests had to be between 1.1 metres and 1.5 metres, due to the amount of legroom available.

Whilst the 2008 season was supposed to be the last for the ride it actually operated into 2009 as part of the Elves’ Playground for the resort’s Winter events.