When it first opened in 1995, Energizer, as it was then known, was one of the best rides at the park, mainly because of how much it swung from side to side, but it was tamed over the years.

Fact File

Location: Festival Park / X Sector / Ug Land

Manufacturer: Mondial

Model: Supernova

Duration: 3 minutes

Capacity per gondola: 44

Capacity per hour: 1400

Opening Year: 1995

Closing Year: 2003

Removed: 2004

After originally being located in Festival Park, Energizer was moved to X Sector when it opened in 1998, and re-themed to match the other rides in the area. It did not remain there for long as Alton Towers decided to move it back to Ug Land for the 2001 season and install Submission in its place.

At this point Energizer was renamed and re-themed to match the Ug Land style and was called Boneshaker. The ride was never the same after it came to Ug Land as the park altered its settings in order for it to fit into the more family friendly area. Consequently it lost popularity since it had become quite a tame ride. On top of this it became unreliable, being costly for the park to fix, and so when the park opened for the 2004 season the ride was SBNO. It was removed towards the end of the 2004 season in preparation for the park’s next rollercoaster, Rita – Queen of Speed.

Energizer – Festival Park

Energizer – X Sector