At the time it was built most mouse coasters were wooden, but the Alton Mouse was different. Painted bright orange, this 530 metre track provided enough dips, corners and heights to give riders the thrill of their life.

Fact File

Location: Talbot Street

Manufacturer: Vekoma

Length: 500m

Height: 18m

Capacity per car: 4

Number of cars: 6

Capacity per hour: 480

Opening Year: 1988

Closing Year: 1991

The ride started with a 18 metre tilted lift hill – the reason it was tilted was because the park who owned it before Alton Towers housed the lift hill inside a spinning tunnel, making it feel like guests were rotating upside down.

After the lift hill the mouse car would dip down and back up again. The fact that the corners were not as tight as those on a normal wooden mouse made it a less scary but an even better ride.

The ride was installed in 1988 in an area of the park behind Talbot Street along with the Alton Beast, the two rides were later removed from the area due to the noise they created so near to Alton village.