At the end of 2015, Alton Towers Resort announced their three year experience improvement scheme, ‘Towers Loving Care’. As well as bringing guests a variety of new attractions, the scheme also saw extensive renovations carried out across the Resort. From repainting rides and Theme Park areas, to refurbishing existing attractions, alongside relaying pathways and improving signage, the aim was to return the magic to all aspects of the Resort.

All non-watermarked images are taken from Alton Towers Resort’s official social media channels.

Here’s a rundown of the work which took place at the Resort as part of ‘Towers Loving Care’, sorted primarily by Theme Park area!

2017/18 Closed Season

Tree Fu Tom Training Camp Clean

Over the 2017/18 closed season, Tree Fu Tom Training Camp was given a deep clean to restore the flooring to a state which looked practically brand new.

Nemesis Station Repaint & Refurbishment

After three closed seasons, the restoration of the Nemesis Creature was completed. The final stage saw the rear of the station and its roof scenically repainted, to match what had been carried out on the other areas previously.

Grand Conservatory Restoration

Throughout 2017, restoration work was carried out on the Grand Conservatory situated in the theme park’s gardens. One of the most significant elements was the cleaning or replacement of around 11,500 pieces of glass! You can check out TowersTimes’ updates here.

Circular Summerhouse Restoration

This feature of the gardens was professionally cleaned during the 2017/18 closed season, with damaged mortar being replaced. The heavy cornice was also repaired along with the large square-cut stones.

Duel Refurbishment

During the 2017/18 closed season, Duel received the attention of the TLC team. The first phase involved the removal of the florescent strip lights throughout the attraction, to be replaced with new, specialist UV lighting. It was also revealed that the ride would receive a new soundtrack, composed by the Resort’s Entertainments Creative Manager, Simon Allen. Some of the shrubbery in Duel’s exterior areas was cut back, revealing more gravestones in the queue-line and more of the attraction’s facade. Scenic enhancements were then made inside, including the repainting of the screaming heads. A new zombie climbing out of the crypt near the attraction’s entrance was also constructed.

Oblivion Queueline and Station Interior Repaint

With Oblivion turning 20 in 2018, its queueline was repainted the original silver colour, along with the freshening up of the ride control booth and station bays.

Makeover of Towers Street Facades

The makeover of Towers Street’s facades continued in the 2017/18 closed season with the remaining buildings getting the colourful treatment!

Admissions Plaza Redevelopment

Some of the most significant work to take place ahead of the 2018 season, was the redevelopment of the Theme Park Entrance Plaza. The first stage of this was the demolition of ticket kiosks that had been in place since the 1980s. New windows to serve guests were installed on the left-hand side of the plaza, with an accompanying queue-line. On the former sites of the ticket kiosks, planters were installed.

2016/17 Closed Season

Area Refresh

Ahead of the arrival of Go Jetters and The Furchester Hotel for the 2017 season, the Resort got to working repainting some of the area’s features, including the trees at its entrance, as well as replacing the flags in the Big Fun Showtime arena.

Driving School Rebrand

After being closed during the 2016 season, it was announced that Driving School would reopen for 2017, re-branded as ‘Cuckoo Cars Driving School’ with its theming and cars freshly repainted.

Area Repaint

Despite Cloud Cuckoo Land’s reduced ride line-up for the 2017 season, the area’s buildings and other features still received a brightly coloured repaint.

Nemesis Station Repaint & Refurbishment

The imposing Nemesis Creature received more attention during the 2016/17 closed season, following the first phase of works in the closed season prior. This included a fresh coat of paint in its interior as well as the continuation of the exterior refurbishment and scenic repaint.

The Blade Supports Repaint

One of the Resort’s last remaining flat rides wasn’t left out during the 2016/17 closed season, with its supports being stripped back and a protective paint applied to them.

Duel Exterior Works

During the 2016/17 closed season, mysterious forces were at work tending to Duel’s entrance sign and crypt…

Toilet Refurbishment

The toilets in Mutiny Bay received a complete refurbishment during the 2016/17 closed season, with the complete removal of the existing facilities.

Facade Repaints

Many of the facades in Mutiny Bay received a repaint during the 2016/17 closed season including that of Sharkbait Reef by SEA LIFE.

New Sign

The signage welcoming guests into Mutiny Bay was refurbished for the 2017 season, with the work including new posts, theming and flag.

Hex Reopening

Following its closure during the 2016 season, it was announced that Hex would reopen for 2017 having received a number of refurbishments to its experience.

The Smiler Station & Track Repaint

After a busy 2016 season, some of the paintwork in The Smiler’s station and on the ride’s supports was looking a little worse for wear. The Resort got their paintbrushes out to touch up the rainbow staircase, interior queueline, baggage hold area and the rest of the station building, along with a full track clean down and touch up.