While the Halloween celebrations proceeded as usual in 2003 with the return of Terror of the Towers and the addition of a new ice show, the 2004 event was cancelled.

Key Information

Dates: 18th October – 2nd November
Opening Times: 10am – 7pm

The 2003 Halloween celebrations took place in October and November. The Halloween festivity, included a new show that could be found in the Webmaster’s ice rink called ‘The Halloween Circus on Ice’, while still spooky, this attraction was more suited for the whole family!

Due to the overwhelming success with Terror of the Towers during the 2002 season Alton Towers decided to have the spooky attraction return for 2003, entitled ‘Terror of the Towers Bloodfest Banquet’ which was a chilling attraction and not for the faint hearted. Guests were warned… Do not touch the monsters and the monsters will not touch you! Terror of the Towers was a walkthrough maze located in the towers which was an enormous success again in 2003, thanks to great effort put into the set, the costumes, the acting and soundtrack.

For 2004 the planned Fright Nights were cancelled, though there were still decorations around the park, but nothing on the scale of the previous year. The new Spooktacular ice show also returned for its second season.