Adrenalin Weeks were targeted at the theme park’s thrill-seeking guests. In 2007, Alton Towers held the event during three weeks throughout the year.



Adult – £20.00
Child – £12.00
Senior – £10.00
Disabled – £10.00
Family – £83.00
Family Plus – £93.00

Between Monday 19th March and Friday 23rd March, Alton Towers once again be hosted one of their popular Adrenalin Weeks. This time the event featured a Triple Ride Promise, which meant that the park guaranteed that all guests would get onto four of its most popular rides at least three times in one day. It was certainly an event to get your Adrenalin pumping if ever there was one!



Adult – £20.00
Child – £16.00
Senior – £12.00
Disabled – £12.00
Family – £78.00
Family Plus – £88.00

In June 2007, Alton Towers asked guests to pull the other one to get free tickets during the second Adrenalin Week of the season. To get their free ticket all guests needed to do was visit the park between the 4th and 8th June and purchase an on-ride photo of themselves pulling their silliest rollercoaster face. They could then exchange the on ride photo for an entry ticket at Guest Services.


Key Information

Dates: 5th-11th November
Opening Times: 12pm-6pm



Adult – £15.00/£14.00
Child – £7.50/£7.00
Senior – £7.50/£7.00
Disabled – £7.50/£7.00

Alton Towers planned a truly thrilling end to the season with its third and final Adrenalin Week of 2007. The last week of the season saw the majority of the park close, with just the eleven most thrilling rides open for a reduced entry price. For just £15 guests were able to enjoy the most intense rides the park had to offer, along with the prospect of riding them in the dark.

Ride Line-Up

Forbidden Valley

The Blade

X Sector


Ug Land

Rita – Queen Of Speed

Adventure Land

Spinball Whizzer

Katanga Canyon

Runaway Mine Train