Welcome to the construction archive of Secret Weapon 6! Here you can take a look back at the coverage TowersTimes provided of TH13TEEN, from initial working starting in March 2009, to the ride nearing completion in February 2010.

On 12th March 2009, Alton Towers Resort’s new rollercoaster for the 2010 season was approved by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council. The ride, which replaced Corkscrew, was dubbed to have world first features and was codenamed “Secret Weapon Six”.

These initial photos show the last remaining pieces of Corkscrew being removed, and the area prepared for new construction. The majority of the ride was transportable, so no large footers or foundations had to be removed. The iconic double inversion track sections were shipped off to a contractor to be refurbished into a new landmark feature for the main entrance of the theme park. Most of the queue line for Corkscrew was retained for the new attraction.

A large banner sign was erected at the edge of the site, featuring sinister artwork and the words “ Yet another fantabulous Alton Towers Resort development coming 2010”.

Corkscrew was now fully removed other than some remaining debris in the middle of the site. The trees in the centre were protected with fencing as they would be retained.

No further work took place since the beginning of the month whilst contractors were sourced to start the main construction of the attraction.

Initial construction started on the station area and the trench for the first track section leading up to the lift hill. Site offices were installed next to the maintenance area for Rita: Queen of Speed.

A large hole was dug in the centre at the front of the site for the secret element.

Momentum stepped up a gear with the excavation of further station area foundations, and the first trenches for ride support column footers.

Marketing teasers started to appear around the theme park, with a glimpse of the potential theming of the attraction, the first official acknowledgement of the world first feature, along with a tag line of “Ride into the unknown”.