In 2004, a new family roller coaster opened in Adventure Land in the form of Spinball Whizzer, located next to the corporate hospitality marquee and manufactured by the German company; Maurer Söhne.

Fencing has been erected in Adventure Land around the construction site for Spinball Whizzer, with signage advertising the new addition for the 2004 season. In photos taken from Squirrel Nutty Ride, it can be seen that a significant amount of clearance has taken place, with it evident how close to the Hospitality Suite marquee that the new coaster will be.

A new poster has appeared outside the main entrance gate to the theme park, with the same poster also added to construction fence, featuring an illustration of the trains and theming as well as the ride’s logo. Groundwork has started on-site, with it possible to just make out metal for the footers. The remaining trees have been cleared in preparation for groundwork and porter cabins have been erected near the Hospitality Suite marquee.

Wooden and metal framework has been constructed to form the concrete foundation for the station – concrete has already been poured in some places.

Some footers are now in place, whilst more concrete is being set for the station. Preparation for groundwork around the rest of the site continues, with groundwork taking place at both ends and close to the fence at present.

Many more footers have now popped up around the site, with large holes excavated in preparation for the footers to be poured. The station foundation also continues to take shape.

Most of the footers are now in place, providing a good indication of what the layout will look like – the footers are located quite close to one another. Groundwork near the station continues – the base is looking fully concreted now.

With the footers ready to go and the ground across the site levelled off, the turquoise-green supports and the red track have finally arrived on-site! The supports are protected from damage with small pieces of foam wrap. Track erection has already begun, with that for the brake run, station and pre-lift section all in place. The base of the lift hill has also been installed, together with the motor and other electronics.

Here you can see progression throughout the day on the erection of the lift hill. Construction is coming along very quickly – if this rate continues we estimate the full circuit will be completed within a few weeks!

The lift hill is now complete, providing a sense of how high this coaster will stand! Note the support wire which is being used to keep the structure vertical until construction finishes. With no one on-site today, there is not much else to report, although the protective wrapping has been removed from the pre-lift track.

Here you can see the stairway for the lift hill being put into place – by the end of the day the stairway was complete! The station structure also begins to take shape.

Over the last few weeks, track construction has progressed dramatically, with most of the track is now in place – the final major section not yet in place is the first drop, although the track and supports are being stored nearby. Elsewhere, preparation for landscaping around the station and lift hill has started.

In this snowy update, the completed track layout can be seen, with a test car on the track. Eight actual cars for the coater sit waiting in the car park, each wrapped and stored on a pallet.

This update provides a good look around the site, with close-ups of different parts of the track layout. The test car can be seen in the same position just outside the station as in the previous update. Also included are some close-ups of the cars, namely the seats and wheels.

Two of the actual Spinball Whizzer cars are now on the track, with testing in progress. Elsewhere, the photo shop foundation continues to progress and the queue line fencing has begun to be installed.

Six cars are now on the track, although, during a test run, one of the cars valleyed!

Here you can the two cameras which will take an on-ride photo of each side of the car. Pathway bricks are still being laid and work continues on the photo shop. The cars are stacked in the station and brake run. It is evident that some theming has been painted on the floor, while landscaping is taking place around the station.