Work began on Nemesis way back in the winter of 1991, with the initial blasting for the large ride pit. With no internet, mobile phones or digital cameras back then, few photos of the construction exist on the internet, so TowersTimes are proud to bring you this selection.

In 1991 the grassy site was still part of the car parks. The two prominent trees in these pictures are still in the park today. The tree in the second picture sits adjacent to Nemesis’ station.

Ground work begins on the site. The small red and white structure in the distance of the second picture is The Beastie children’s coaster, when it used to operate on the site now occupied by Nemesis Sub-Terra.

The first structures start to appear on the site. The tunnel seen being constructed here is the one you cross when walking from the ride station to the photo booth.

Progress continues on groundwork around the site, together with the start of work on the large station for the ride, providing an insight into how the alien was constructed.

The alien under construction late in 1993. This shows the underlying wooden structure, onto which mesh and fibreglass was added to create the final look for the station building. The ‘legs’ of the creature were made to look similar to sections of the distinctive B&M track. As the thematic work progressed, a large scaffold canopy was erected over the building in order to shield it from the elements.

If we were taking this picture today, it would be dominated by the lift hill. The cliff would have the queue line snaking along it. Fast forward to the ride after the track had started to be installed.

The lift hill under construction. Note how its crest, the highest point of the ride, is intentionally concealed amongst the trees.

Nemesis during its testing period. The tree featured in this photo is the same one that was standing in the middle of a field at the start of this construction archive.

Finishing touches are put in place in the surrounding area, as well as filming for the promotion of the ride.

Nemesis from above shortly after opening. The lack of tree coverage gives good views of the ride as well as the surrounding area. Rather interestingly, this image seems to have been taken before both the Ride Photo booth and Nemesis Nosh bus were added. Also notice that the current extended queue line near the entrance has yet to be built. Instead, the now defunct extended queue lines at either end of the queue are in use – one of these later formed part of the queue line for Nemesis Sub-Terra.