The site on which Secret Weapon 8 will be located was previously home to one of the theme park’s most popular water rides, The Flume.

 First opening in 1981, the original Log Flume at Alton Towers held the World Record for the longest log flume in the world. Themed around the traditional transportation of logs using channels of water (a method still used by loggers around the world to this day), guests would sail down the channels in their very own log themed boat encountering a series of drops along the way. Between 1984 and 1996 The Flume was also home to a variety of model dinosaurs who had been relocated from Springfield Centre in order to make way for the construction of The Black Hole.

In 2004 The Flume was to receive an overhaul and gain a whole new theme. Gone were the traditional logs and in their place came a fleet of bathtubs to coincide with a sponsorship deal with Imperial Leather. The ride received a complete re-paint as well as the addition of a number of bathtime related theming features, including power showers and of course a number of rubber ducks!

Since its 2004 re-theme The Flume has retained a theme that is very different to that of the surrounding area. Initially residing in the mediaeval themed Merrie England, in 2008 the area was transformed into the pirate themed Mutiny Bay, but despite the arrival of the dastardly pirates, The Flume maintained its theme of bathtime fun.

At the start of October 2015 The Flume was closed some 5 weeks prior to the end of the main season. Little did people realise at the time that The Flume had taken its last passengers as it wasn’t until February 2016 that it was confirmed that The Flume was to be retired in preparation for an exciting new development.