Construction – 4th November 2017

The final weekend of the 2017 season saw the path from Mutiny Bay to Katanga Canyon opened up for full days for the first time. The main station and maintenance building is now completely enclosed and clad in ‘aged’ wood. The track which travels through the theming structure is now in the process of being added. The lift chain system has now been installed with the main chain return cog clearly visible at the lift hill’s peak. Across the site, the track is in various stages of being installed, with the metal topper track now in place on the lift hill and first drop. Work has also been steadily continuing on the queueline with large sections of paving now in place along with fencing. What would appear to be the games stall indicated on plans has also been constructed at the Mutiny Bay end of the construction site. The rockwork theming on the wall underneath and next to the station is also now complete. For the first time, guests were able to walk directly underneath the ride this weekend as the access road leading underneath the lift hill was opened for a brief period following each fireworks display.

Access Path