Construction – 17th September 2017

In our biggest update so far we took a closer look at some of the details of the theming structure that can be seen peeking out of the green tarpaulin covering. The small building at the base of the theming feature has also been fully completed having had cladding and roof tiles added. We also took a close-up look at the themed rockwork being added to the wall running underneath the station building and towards the Mutiny Bay end of the site. Work has continued on laying the first stages of the wooden track. In some areas of the track the side barriers are in the process of being added, whilst in other areas, including along the lift hill, metal ducting is being installed to allow for the ride wiring. The station and maintenance building is now fully covered in cladding. Further progress has also been made in adding the queueline paths at the lower end of the site with a layer of sand currently covering the brick paving to fill in the gaps between the bricks. Underneath the lift hill, a small concrete staircase has been added which it is thought will eventually form part of the queueline.