Construction started on The Smiler a year ago back in April 2012, starting with the removal of the black hole tent. TowersTimes has provided the most extensive coverage of the rides construction from start to present, here we present a look back via some of our construction photos at the progress of the rides construction over the last year.

May 2012

With the black hole tent removed early ground work started to prepare the site for construction.

May 2012


July 2012

Ground preparations continued through July with the removal of the concrete base for the black hole.

July 2012


September 2012

The first sign of major progress appeared in September with the appearance of a large hole being dug out infront of the station area.

September 2012


October 2012

Work speeds up on the construction site with the arrival of heavy machinery. Concrete is laid at the bottom of the pit for the ‘Staffordshire Knot’ element and track arrives at the resort.

October 2012 1

October 2012 - 2

October 2012 - 3


November 2012

Concrete pouring continues throughout November as well as digging out the rest of the area in preparation for ride footers.

November 2012 - 1

November 2012 - 2


December 2012

The pit for the ‘Staffordshire Knot’ nears completion with the walls and base concrete installed. The large slab of concrete for the rides station is also poured.

December 2012


January 2013

Track installation started with the installation of the ‘Staffordshire Knot’ – A combined cobra roll and batwing element. Station framework is also constructed along with a ‘secret’ indoor inversion. Heavy snow disrupted construction this month.

January 2012 1

January 2013 2


February 2013

Major concrete pouring commences with the majority of the ride area now ready for support installation. Track is installed at the top of the site over the X Sector toilet block.

February 2013 1

February 2013 2


March 2013

Track installation speeds up with the construction of further elements. The station has its floor installed and work begins on landscaping the area. The first parts of The Marmaliser theming element appear on site.

March 2013 1

March 2013 2


April 2013

Most major work on the ride is completed with The Marmaliser theming element largely complete and track installation being completed on April 24th. Now work continues on installing the rides electrical components before testing can begin.

April 2013 1

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