Essential Information

Located: The Towers
Lifespan: 2015 Only
Scare Rating: 6 Pumpkins
Age Restriction: 15+

The Haunting of Molly Crowe was a multisensory live action horror maze that took you back in time to the exorcism of a cursed Victorian Manor House.

In a first for the Resort, guests were hooded and therefore completely blindfolded for the majority of the experience, heightening your senses, whilst protecting your eyes from the beaks of the crows which Molly controlled, making this one of the resort’s most claustrophobic mazes in Scarefest history.

Although the maze was commended for its original take on a blindfolded experience and impressive finale which saw Molly appear before guests high above the ground, it was generally seen as the weakest maze of 2015 and so didn’t make a comeback for the following year.