Alton Towers has held Halloween events for many years, but it was in 2000 with the relaunch of the Halloween Spooktacular that the Halloween season started to become a major feature of the park’s annual event calendar. During 2001 the event was again expanded upon with Towers Street receiving a Halloween theme for the event and the park keeping the rides open until 7pm. It was in 2007 that ‘Scarefest’ debuted with attractions spread across the resort and the theme park closing at 9pm.

Past Attractions

Take a look back at some of the past Scarefest attractions in order to discover what horrors lie in the event’s past.

Carnival of Screams

The travelling fun-house returned for the final time in 2013 with a selection of daring performers, tricks and illusions.

Zombies! Scare Zone

After a run of four years at Scarefest, the un-dead walked the earth for the final time in 2014 meaning the resort’s guests are safe for now…

The Sanctuary

This facility was the perfect place to check yourself in for a refreshing appointment before it closed its doors for good in 2014.

Scary Tales Scare Zone

Scarefest 2014 was the only time to experience these twisted fairytales written by a tortured mind where the only character missing was you…

Altonville Motel – Dining Experience

Guests were cordially invited, back in 2014, to celebrate the wedding of Mary Miller and Caleb Winkles at an evening wedding reception they’d never forget.

The Ultimate Sleepover

In 2014 guests were invited to stay the night in The Towers themselves for the very first time for an experience like no other!

The Haunting of Molly Crowe

Guests were taken back in time to the exorcism of a cursed Victorian Manor House at Scarefest 2015, in the resort’s first blindfolded maze.

Nox Infernus Scare Zone

During Scarefest 2015 the Underworld rose once again, when guests could either join ‘The Cult’ or submit to the end of this world as we knew it.

Sub Species: Operation Lockdown

In 2015, an extreme horror escape room experience saw guests face a series of challenges to ensure the survival of themselves and the rest of humanity.

Dark Apocalypse Scare Zone

A deadly virus spread across Forbidden Valley during Scarefest 2015 and 2016, creating the perfect environment for a scare zone.

Terror of the Towers

The Resort’s signature scare maze returned for the final time in 2017, having been the first maze introduced when the Halloween event was expanded in 2002.

Freak Show Scare Zone

The travelling circus came to town for Scarefest 2016 and 2017, with a whole host of curious performers dying to entertain guests in this scare zone!

Freaky Fun Zone Past Shows

Although Franklyn’s Freaky Fun Zone lives on, 2018 saw the introduction of four new shows replacing those which had been introduced from 2011 onwards.

The Welcoming: Be Chosen

As the Wicker Man arose, The Beornen invited outsiders to join them for their Halloween celebration in 2017 and 2018.

House of Monsters

When introduced in 2016, this was the Resort’s first family Scarefest maze, and it continued to receive a number of updates over the course of its four year run.

Freaky Funk Squad

In 2018, Dr. Victor Henry Stein created a potion/machine to turn the freaky fun characters into their human counterparts, resulting in a rock ‘n’ roll monster party!

Year by Year

A lot of the content below has been sourced from the TowersTimes History Archive. Other information and media has been provided by our friends at ScareTour – Scare Attraction Reviews.

In 2002 however the park took the decision to expand upon the event with a major new attraction. Lynton V Harris of Sudden Impact! was brought in to install an extensive horror maze walkthrough in the towers complex, known as Terror In The Towers. This maze has remained to this day one of the largest and most complex scare attractions in the country with an extremely long and well themed route through the historic towers.

In addition to Terror Of The Towers the event saw the addition of more theming around the park, especially in the area surrounding the towers and fountain square. Cred Street (now Cloud Cuckoo Land) played host to ‘Eerie Ednas Story Zone’ for the younger guests and Cadbury sponsored locations across the park gave out free tricks and treats to visitors. A lot of the park audio was also changed to an upbeat playlist including Ghostbusters, Monster Mash and other Halloween related music tracks.


Roaming stilt characters were also introduced across the park and were concentrated in the areas around Terror Of The Towers and Towers Street.

In 2003 the event remained largely unchanged but Terror Of The Towers received considerable enhancements and a ‘Bloodfest Banquet’ theme overlay. Parkwide theming was enhanced from the year before and the Ice Show was also totally rewritten and rechoreographed with all new lighting and special effects.

The Halloween event was scheduled to return in 2004 bigger and better than ever with enhancements to Terror Of The Towers and plans were underway to introduce a second horror maze attraction. However unfortunately budget restraints and company management changes meant the event was cancelled halfway through the year. Whilst the event did not go ahead as planned the park did make an effort to theme Towers Street with Terror Of The Towers props. The Halloween themed ice show also returned for its last season. A large amount of the parks Halloween props and equipment were later transported to Thorpe Park and Chessington World Of Adventures to enhance their Halloween events and attractions.

Despite many attempts to relaunch the Halloween event many external factors meant this was not possible. However in 2005 it was becoming increasingly difficult to stage the annual Fireworks Spectacular due to a court battle over noise pollution. In 2006 the decision was made that it would be the last year of the Fireworks display and the park would relaunch the Halloween event in 2007 to compensate.

In 2006 at the start of the season Alton Towers Resort advertised that the Halloween Spooktacular would once again return, bringing back Terror Of The Towers and a new attraction called Midnight In The Garden Of Evil, unfortunately halfway through the year this event was cancelled for reasons unknown. However, the resort hotels took the unusual step of hosting their own Halloween themed event by introducing themed evening shows and a horror maze in the Alton Towers Hotels conference suite. Room13 was largely built out of Terror Of The Towers props and theming. Due to the small space in which the attraction occupied it was a very tight and claustrophobic experience which enhanced the scare factor, rivalling that of the original Terror Of The Towers.


In 2007 Halloween returned to Alton Towers with a bang, now re-branded Scarefest the event launched with great fanfare. Terror Of The Towers returned once again with a slightly modified Bloodfest Banquet theme from 2003. This time around the attraction focused much more on story telling than outright shock scare tactics.

Room13 continued over in the Alton Towers Hotel with a brand new layout and all new theming and props. Also new over at the hotel was Field Of 1000 Screams, a full sized corn field grown especially for the event. This outdoor maze like experience was centered around the fictional village of ‘Altonville’ which had been overrun with the undead. The resort also converted selected hotel rooms into ‘scare rooms’ where actors would visit you throughout the night.

Haunted Hollow, the parks new themed walkway for that year also went ‘live’ for the event with themed lighting, music, fog effects and actors placed along the route to add a creepy atmosphere.

In park entertainment was also enhanced with the nightly ‘Fright Lights’ laser show located in Her Ladyships Gardens.

Scarefest returned in 2008 with some changes, most notable was the absence of the ‘Fright Lights’ show despite this being a popular part of the event. New this year in the park was Duel Live, the rides laser guns were turned off and live actors were positioned at key points around the rides path to add another dimension to this spooky attraction.

Over at the hotels Room13 did not return but was replaced with a brand new attraction. Located in a marquee next to The Field Of 1000 Screams, The Boilerhouse was an intense highly themed experience using a number of modern scare effects including tunnels and inflatable corridors.

Trick Or Treat rooms replaced the Scare Rooms in the hotel and provided a much more family focused experience. The Scarefest mascot characters were also available for a character breakfast.

By 2009 Scarefest had established itself as one of the best Halloween events in the country. Alton Towers continued to improve the event, adding new attractions and shows, but also revamping old ones.

Terror of the Towers_small

After several years of operating Terror of The Towers under the Bloodfest Banquet theme, it was thought that a major overhaul was needed to bring the attraction up to date. The new theme was named ‘What Lies Within’ and the route through the Towers was completely reversed. A big investment with all new sets, props and effects, guests would now start at the conservatory side and descend lower and lower into the basement levels where the final scene was to be the most chaotic yet. A maze of chain link fencing had been erected, and with thick dense fog effects plus the constant blinding strobe lights meant victims were already in a panicked state before the actors had to pounce!

Elsewhere on the theme park Duel Live returned and received mixed reviews. Some say it was improved greatly with more actors while others suggested the watered down scares and more family friendly approach wasn’t as fun as the previous years version.

Over at the hotels, The Field of 1000 Screams now in its third year was coming to an end. The story continued from the previous years, this time the Army had been brought in to take over Altonville. Using a shorter route, guests were guided around the field passing various huts, tents and army vehicles as the story built up slowly before proceeding to a huge finale scene on a bus that climaxed with an all out zombie attack!

The Boiler House returned but was given a whole new story featuring 2 new serial killers ‘The Hamble Twins’. While the name of the attraction and the interior sets remained more or less the same, the attraction improved greatly, made much more sense, and provided better scares.

Scarefest returned once again in 2010, bigger and more fearsome then ever with new mazes and attractions joining some of the old favourites from years gone by.

As ever the park was transformed into a spook’s playground during Scarefest with much of the park being taken over either by Old MacDonald’s hilarious scarecrows or elsewhere by skeletons of less fortunate souls

In 2010 the theme parks ‘halloween lighting’ was significantly upgraded with most areas and rides covered with green and red spotlights. Scripture was projected on to walls of the towers further adding to the atmosphere, and was a nice touch!

Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within returned after it’s debut in 2009, using the same theme and maze layout but with a few updated scenes. As before a powerful presence appeared to have taken over the gothic ruins and the park invited you to investigate. Only the bravest of souls dared to enter this ‘5 pumpkin rating’ scare maze and face the terrors that lurked inside.

Over on the other side of the park a slightly modified version of Duel Live was in order, this time named Skelvin’s Haunted Adventure. The scares were significantly toned down for the attraction to appeal to families and unfortunately the 2010 Scarefest was to be the final year of operating Duel with live actors.

Back at the resort, after 3 years of terrifying activity down on the Altonville Farm, it seemed as if all was now calm and the Field of 1000 Screams was finally retired. A new scare maze was introduced at the resort known as Carnival of Screams, full of twisted clowns and clever illusions.

Carnival of Screams

On the other side of the Carnival sits the abandoned Boiler House with the Hamble Twins once again at large. This familiar maze featured updated scenes shared one half of a huge marquee erected in one of the car parks near the Alton Towers Hotel, cleverly hidden behind a line of trees.

Elsewhere in the hotels things were certain to go bump in the night with the return of the Trick or Treat Rooms, a somewhat toned down version of the Scare Rooms. But for those who wanted a less then restful night’s sleep, the unlucky Room Thirteen was opened to guests with scares aplenty.

Every Scarefest the resort is home to hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins, and with each year Patch (one of Scarefest’s mascots) takes it upon himself to ensure there are plenty available by transforming Splash Landings Hotel into Patch’s Pumpkin Hide-Out. This year also saw trouble brewing at the Alton Towers Hotel, as it became the Witches’ Haunt Inn, where the wickedly wonderful staff would conjure up frights and fun galore, black cats and broomsticks in tow.

Whether it’s freaky fun or terrifying thrills you’re after, Alton Towers was once again the place to go for Halloween in 2011 as they unleashed a whole host of things that go bump in the night for Scarefest.

As a new attraction for 2011, the undead enjoy a good night out and a horde have risen in the Zombies Scare Zone. An abandoned road through the grounds of Alton Towers has been overrun by the walking dead, who are ready to prey on any unsuspecting guest who happens upon this post-apocalyptic shortcut.

Elsewhere the fair had rolled back into town and always keen to perform to a larger audience, so in 2011 these psychotic clowns brought their Carnival of Screams to X Sector. This already familiar scare maze brought new life to the old, now unused, Black Hole tent.

Deep beneath the Carnival lies the terror of The Boiler House, once again sharing the Black Hole tent. In the gloomy depths the murderous Hamble Twins bring the terrifying industrial labyrinth to life. Always willing to meet new victims, the pairs’ latest scheme seems to involve attempting to power X Sector using nothing but the power of fear.

In the gothic ruins at the heart of the theme park has once again seen Terror of the Towers let loose the vampires from within. A deathly chill has taken over Pugin’s glorious mansion and at this spine tingling time of the year only the brave should consider stepping inside to traverse its cavernous rooms and claustrophobic passages.

2012 offered yet another incredible Scarefest at the Resort. It played a crucial role in the marketing of The Smiler whilst unleashing a returning plethora of brand new and old spooks.

With the imminent arrival of a brand new world record breaking rollercoaster approaching in 2013, Scarefest was the perfect period of time to begin the anticipation build up for the forthcoming season. Replacing The Boiler House was a brand new maze in the form of The Sanctuary, a hospital facility located inside the Towers that was shut down 50 years ago. Overseen by the mysterious Ministry of Joy, the doors to The Sanctuary were reopened under the careful watch of the chief founding member, Dr Kelman. The aim of The Sanctuary was to find ‘potential’ advocates who would be eligible for correction on the Ministry’s brand new project, which was eventually revealed in January to be The Smiler.

The un-dead has arisen once again, this time stalking a restricted military zone between the Gardens and Dark Forest. Zombies Scarezone remained mainly unchanged from it’s previous debuting incarnation, carrying many of the props over into this year.

The Carnival of Screams rolled in to the Resort once again, this time situating itself opposite the hospitality suite. The familiar horde of chaotic clowns and ringmasters returned to put on a show that guests simply couldn’t forget.

Terror of the Towers – What Lies Within also made a return for it’s 10th consecutive year in the making, but also for the last time as a free maze. The vampires had once again awoken within the ruins and were very hasty in seeking brand new flesh to feast upon if anyone dared follow in the footsteps of two urban explorers, who had mysteriously vanished inside the Towers.

Free admission to Terror of the Towers wasn’t the only element of Scarefest departing this year. Frankyln’s Freaky Farm would be making one final appearance in the Farmyard before relocating to Fountain Square the following year. The usual selection of silly spooks and scares returned alongside the famous four, Franklyn, Skelvin, Patch and Phil.

Meanwhile up at the hotel end of the resort, the Altonville Motel opened up many vacancies across the scare rooms that lay within. With warnings of an oncoming army of scarecrows, two secretive motel owners and a mysterious sheriff, the Altonville Motel proved to be a booming success to any residents who dared to survive the night!

Throughout Scarefest, many images of a crazed smiley face were appearing all over the Resort, from on the lawns to the floor of the monorail station’s queue lines, and even being projected onto the face of the Towers themselves. Brand new marketing material was cropping up in every direction possible, building up to the arrival of a brand new rollercoaster in the form of The Smiler later the following year.

Scarefest in 2013 saw very little change from what was introduced in 2012 with all four main attractions returning for another year. Carnival of Screams was included with admission for all guests, with a paid fastrack option available, whilst both The Sanctuary and Terror of the Towers were both paid mazes. For the first time guests who were feeling particularly brave could pay an additional charge to experience an ‘extreme’ run through of either The Sanctuary or Terror of the Towers – a special run through after the park closed where all the usual scare maze rules were set to one side and anything could happen!

Following its appearance at the start of the season to promote The Smiler, the Ministry of Joy once again threw open the doors to Dr. Kelman’s marmalisation clinic, ready for a new batch of patients. The maze saw no change from its appearance at the beginning of the season, although there were a few remarks from Dr. Kelman about the new correctional device in the X Sector.

Alton Towers signature maze, Terror of the Towers, returned for its 11 years, once again featuring the ‘What Lies Within’ storyline. Once again the vampires had awoken and were hunting for the flesh of those who were brave enough to venture in search of the two missing urban explorers. The main route remained the same as in 2012 with the only change being the return of the monks in the chapel.

For 2013 Carnival of Screams was included with general admission for the first time, although a paid fastrack option was available. Much of the maze was similar to the previous year with the main difference being the addition of a new finale featuring Jack the Knife, whose back story featured throughout the entire maze.


Once again the un-dead invaded the park stalking the restricted military zone between the Gardens and Dark Forest. 2013 saw a significant makeover for the scare zone with the main route being reversed so guests now entered opposite Woodcutters Restaurant, and extra theming elements being added. Costumes had also been refreshed for characters throughout the maze.


With Old MacDonald’s Farmyard preparing to close in preparation for its transformation into CBeebies Land, Franklyn, Patch, Skelvin and Phil relocated to Fountain Square in Franklyn’s Freaky Fun Zone featuring a range of live shows and silly spooks and scares.

Over at the Alton Towers Hotel, the Altonville Motel once again opened for bookings. This year guests were invited to the wedding of Mary Miller and Caleb Winkles and were greeted by the bride herself at a dedicated check in. Invited to gather at the outdoor ‘wedding reception’ at a particular time, guests experience all the festivities before being led back to their rooms where the scares really began.

Scarefest 2014 saw the return of many favourites for a third year, with The Sanctuary, Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within, and Zombies! Scare zone all making a return. However, Carnival of Screams had had its final laugh as it was to be replaced by a new scare zone: Scary Tales. The departure of Carnival of Screams meant that, for the first time, all the mazes on offer would carry an additional charge, with the scare zones remaining free.

Returning for its 12th consecutive season, Terror of the Towers once again invited guests to brave the rubble of the ruins to discover the fate of two urban explorers who, despite the warnings, took it upon themselves to discover once and for all what lies within. Having never emerged from the other sides would the rumours that the Towers are infested by vampires who hunt the living prove to be true?

Despite having previously announced his retirement, Dr. Kelman was to return for one final year to once again open the door of The Sanctuary. Determined to prove to the Ministry of Joy that, despite the success of their latest correction device ‘The Smiler’, the old methods of marmalisation are still superior, the doctor invited guests to check themselves into The Sanctuary for a refreshing check-up to help relieve them of their worries and become ‘Advocates’ to marmalisation.

New for 2014 was Scary Tales, an all-new scare zone where the fairy tales you thought you knew took on a new twist. Featuring well known character from Snow White to the Three Little Pigs, guests saw a whole new side to their favourite characters. Located on the site formerly occupied by Carnival of Screams, Scary Tales was to feature for just one year before making way for a new attraction.

Once upon a time there was a tortured mind, which in the darkness was left to unwind. Re-writing stories to make nightmares come true, the only character missing…was you!


The Un-dead returned to Dark Forest once again in 2014 for its fourth consecutive year. Occupying a restricted military zone between the Gardens and Dark Forest, the scare zone remained largely unchanged from 2013.

Franklyn, Skelvin, Patch and Phil once again took over Fountain Square with Franklyn’s Freaky Fun Zone. Featuring a range of attractions, there was something to entertain guests of all ages. Skelvin’s Spooky Story Time provide the perfect entertainment for little ones with plenty of silly stories. Phil & Franklyn’s Ghoul School provided live entertainment as the popular characters invited young guests to help Franklyn remember how to spook. For guests who wanted to discover some of the creepier creatures in the Fun Zone, Patch’s Freaky Talks introduced a range of creepy crawlies. Finally Patch’s Trick-Or-Treat Party provided the perfect silly show for the whole family to dance along to.

In a Scarefest first, guests could check into the Altonville Motel for a dinner experience with a difference. The rooms at the Altonville Motel may be fully booked, but guests were still invited to celebrate the wedding of Mary Miller and Caleb Winkles at an evening wedding reception they’d never forget in a fully immersive experience combining a two course buffet with two hours of scares and thrills.

For the first time the resort offered guests the opportunity to stay the night in the gothic Towers Ruins and experience the terror which lay within. Starting out as a seemingly harmless ghost hunt, things soon changed as the night progressed with the dark secret of the Towers revealing themselves. The Ultimate Sleepover was the first time the Resort have moved their overnight experience away from the resort hotels and it was to prove to be their most terrifying experience yet.

Over at the Resort hotels the entertainment continued with a selection of shows suitable for everyone. For little ones there was magic show Patch’s Voodoo Surprise, dancing and games at Patch’s Pumpkin Party, and Darwin’s Around the World of Spooks which saw Darwin using his enchanted ship to travel around the world in search of the best haunted hang outs. A Ban On Ship performed exciting Halloween themed shows every evening throughout Scarefest. For those who really wanted to get into the Halloween mood Trick or Treat rooms were available to book for overnight stays with plenty of sweets and treats to discover inside.

Scarefest returned in 2015 with an all-new line-up of attractions, with the addition of Sub Species: The End Games and The Haunting of Molly Crowe, two new horror mazes, as well as two revamped scare zones in Dark Forest and Forbidden Valley; Nox Infernus and Dark Apocalypse respectively. Although Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within also returned for another year, the maze had a new route as well as some revised scenes. Despite there being three scare mazes, all carried an additional charge, whilst the scare zones remained free as per previous years.

Sub Species: The End Games saw the Resort take on one of the most ambitious live action horror mazes in event history, with it featuring multiple routes and two different endings. Guests descended deep underground to a post-apocalyptic sewer system, where their group would become contestants in The End Games, with the sewer-dwellers betting on their survival as they chose their own route in an attempt to avoid the creatures that chased after them. Unlike the Resort’s past mazes, the creatures could touch guests and would work to separate individual guests from their group. The maze received overwhelmingly positive feedback and went on to claim victory as the UK’s best Halloween attraction at the 2016 ScareCON SCAR Awards.

Also new for 2015 was The Haunting of Molly Crowe which threw guests back in time to the exorcism of a cursed Victorian Manor House. It distinguished itself from the Resort’s other scare mazes with the fact that all guests were required to wear a hood, heightening their senses and protecting their eyes from the beaks of the crows which Molly controlled. The maze utilised sound and a range of other effects to take guests on a journey through Molly’s life, culminating in an impressive, live-action finale where guests encountered Molly’s spirit. The exorcism was seemingly successful as the maze did not return in 2016.

For the 13th consecutive year, guests were invited to follow in the footsteps of two urban explorers and venture into the Towers to discover what lies within. To allow for three mazes to be housed within the ruins, 2015 saw a new route for this maze which also meant that there were a number of revised scenes. However, this did little to exile the vampires rumoured to be living amongst the rubble…


The Resort reformed its scare zone format in 2015, with them now occupying areas of the theme park itself rather than a dedicated route. Dark Apocalypse saw a deadly virus spread across Forbidden Valley where the infected showed signs of highly aggressive behaviour and rapid physical decomposition. Phalanx control quarantined the area, however a recent security breach questioned their ability to contain the virus and keep society safe.

In Dark Forest the Underworld rose once again for Nox Infernus. The Night of Fire. Guests could either join ‘The Cult’ or submit to the end of this world as we knew it as they navigated their way amongst the spirits of young females already besieged by the area’s mysterious forces, whilst wraiths and cult leaders worked to claim their soul. Following the event the powers of the Dark Forest appeared to settle once again, with the scare zone not returning in 2016.

The Freaky Four returned with Franklyn’s Freaky Fun Zone, although this year it was located on the Front Lawns. Skelvin needed younger guests’ help to choose his Halloween costume in Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime. In Phil & Franklyn’s Ghoul School, guests joined Phil in reminding Franklyn how to spook. Then everyone was invited to Patch’s Trick-Or-Treat Party for the best Halloween ever, with a show that the whole family could dance along to. Guests could also get involved in a spooktacular fancy dress competition which took place daily. As well as all this, the Alton Ancestors returned with their trademark flash-mobs on Towers Street in the morning, before moving to bring Gloomy Wood ALIVE during the afternoon and evening in a brand new experience.

In 2015, the usual overnight experience was replaced by Sub Species: Operation Lockdown, an extreme horror escape room experience which saw guests face a series of challenges to ensure the survival of themselves and the rest of humanity. Although contained within the set of Sub Species: The End Games, there were a number of rooms exclusive to the experience, along with multiple story routes that led to eight different endings.

There were also a number of other extra experiences at Scarefest 2015, including the actor-led ‘RIP Tour’ of the grizzly history of Scarefest, which offered an insight into the backstory and creation of the Resort’s terrifying mazes. In addition, guests had the opportunity to brave the Resort’s scare mazes on their own if they chose to ‘Maze it Alone’ or experience an extreme version of the mazes as was available in previous years.

Over at the Resort’s accommodation there was a variety of entertainment suitable for guests of all ages. Patch’s Pumpkin Party included dancing, competitions and crazy games that were bound to start your Scarefest stay with a bang! Ringo the Lemur and the Calypso Crew also held a variety of activities and party games in Splash Landings Hotel, and there was a Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt for Enchanted Village guests. Both hotels also saw a Magical Mayhem Magic Show every evening, with a Freaky Family Illusion Show later on in Splash Landings Hotel too. The Fabulous Scott Sisters live vocalists appeared nightly at Alton Towers Hotel whilst every night was The Night of the Witch Doctor in Splash Landings Hotel. For those who really wanted to get into the Halloween mood, Trick or Treat rooms were available to book for overnight stays with plenty of sweets and treats to discover inside.

Building on the success of the previous year’s event, Scarefest 2016 saw the addition of a new scare maze, Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skin Snatchers, a new scare zone, Freak Show, and for the first time in the event’s history the line-up also included a family maze, House of Monsters. All of the mazes carried an additional charge, whilst the scare zones remained free and accessible to all.

New for 2016 was Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skin Snatchers which was set in the disused mines of Altonville where guests were taken deep into the mineshafts to discover the truth behind the stories that it was once home to a family of outcasts who harboured a dark secret. The maze received much praise for its extensive theming and for its use of helmet mounted lights, provided by Haunted Lantern. The lights were remotely controlled so that at various points throughout the maze they would flicker or turn off completely, adding to the sense of tension and anticipation about where the next scare would come from. In fact the maze was awarded Best Halloween Scare Attraction at the 2017 ScareCON SCAR awards, while Haunted Lantern received the Award for Technical Excellence.

Given its overwhelming success after debuting during Scarefest 2015, it was no surprise that Sub Species: The End Games returned for a second year. Once again guests descended deep underground to a post-apocalyptic sewer system, where their group would become contestants in The End Games, with the sewer-dwellers betting on their survival as they chose their own route in an attempt to avoid the creatures that chased after them. Some changes were made to the maze for the 2016 event, with some improved scenes and the removal of the alien nest ending, meaning the maze no longer had its claim of two endings as it had in 2015.

Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within returned for another Scarefest, with guests following in the footsteps of the missing urban explorers once more which meant navigating the same route as 2015, although the route through the chapel scene was revised to allow for the removal of the elevated walkway.

The Resort continued with the scare zone format introduced in 2015, although did add a new scare zone, Freak Show, on the pathway between the Hospitality Suite and X Sector. A travelling side-show of circus rejects had descended upon the Resort, with only the bravest guests daring to walk amongst the freakishly fascinating misfits, desperate for their undivided attention.

The return of Dark Apocalypse saw a deadly virus spread across Forbidden Valley again where the infected showed signs of highly aggressive behaviour and rapid physical decomposition. Phalanx control quarantined the area, however a recent security breach questioned their ability to contain the virus and keep society safe. Come Scarefest 2017, it was evident that the virus had been successfully contained, with the scare zone not returning for third year.


Scarefest 2016 saw the Resort add a new type of attraction to the line-up, that being the family maze, House of Monsters. The attraction was set in the former Wobble World building and saw guests join a monster hunting vlogger on his quest to discover the truth about residents of a disused house. Using a room by room walkthrough format, guests made their way through a series of rooms, each one occupied by one of the residents of the house, who would give guests interactive tasks to complete in order to progress through the attraction. With all of the rooms themed to an incredibly high level of detail and a duration of approximately 25-30 minutes long, many surprisingly regarded it as one of the best attractions that Scarefest has seen.

The Freaky Four returned with Franklyn’s Freaky Fun Zone, which was located on the Front Lawns as it had been during 2015. Skelvin needed younger guests’ help to choose his Halloween costume in Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime. In Phil & Franklyn’s Ghoul School, guests joined Phil in reminding Franklyn