In the evening, when your day in the theme park comes to an end, there is more excitement to be had at the Resort hotels. There are late-night venues, late-opening bars, family shows and more, all included as part of a hotel stay.

  • The Fabulous Scott Family’s Live Music Show – Every Friday and Saturday night and every night through school holidays, the Fabulous Scott Family, a time-travelling musical quartet, perform in the Atrium.
  • Meet Sir Algenon – Keep an eye out for this intrepid explorer during your stay as he’s eager to meet new guests!
  • Meet CBeebies characters – Postman Pat, Tree Fu Tom, Mike the Knight and Evie have all been spotted at the hotel.

The CBeebies Land Hotel is home to a daily 14-hour programme of entertainment that will keep little ones busy from 7am until 9pm!

Please be aware that the CBeebies Land Hotel entertainment is exclusive to guests staying in the hotel. Guests staying in the Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel and Enchanted Village can not enter the CBeebies Land Hotel.

  • 7am: Meet Bing – Meet Bing for a gentle start to the day just before or after breakfast.
  • 7.30am: Meet Postman Pat – Meet Postman Pat and Jess and find out about all the exciting things to discover in CBeebies land
  • 8am: Meet Bing – At 8am there’s another chance to meet Bing!
  • 8.30am: Get Up & Go – Get up & Go with a high energy, wake-up show that’s designed to get little people warmed up and ready for their big day out at CBeebies Land.
  • 9am: Meet Postman Pat – Meet Postman Pat and Jess and find out about all the exciting things to discover in CBeebies land
  • 9.30am: Meet Bing – At 9.30am there’s another chance to meet Bing!
  • 10am-2.30pm: Free Play – Guests are invited to take part in the free play games and activities located in and around the entertainments area.
  • 2.30pm: Afternoon Fun & Games – During the early afternoon the CBeebies Entertainments cast are on hand to help little visitors with a variety of crafts and activities while the big people take care of Check-in.
  • 3pm-6pm: Meet Little Monster – From 3pm keep an eye out for Little Monster helping out in reception.
  • 3.30pm: Spot Bots – Join the Spot Bots on the big screen and the CBeebies Hotel presenters as they lead you through some of their favourite Spot Bot puzzles.
  • 4pm: Let’s Act! – Join the CBeebies Entertainments Cast as they lead a drama workshop for tiny tots. Expect lots of fun interactive games that exercise the brain and the body.
  • 4.30pm: Let’s Experiment! – A fun, interactive science display using practical, hands on, safe experiments.
  • 5pm: Funsters Make – Join the Funsters at 5pm as they get ARTY with the mini makers every evening.
  • 5.30pm: Dancing Beebies – Join professional dancers as they teach you a short routine from the Tortoise and the Hare ballet, perfect for little feet.
  • 6pm: Swashbuckle Gameshow – Swashbuckle’s Captain Sinker has stolen some of Gem’s treasure and she needs your help to get it back. Battle it out to win as many crystals as possible.
  • 6.30pm: Andy’s Dinosaur Hunt – Andy’s Time travelling clock is on the blink and has scattered priceless artefacts across the CBeebies Hotel. Can you help Andy to follow the clues and find the missing prehistoric items around the room?
  • 7pm: Bing Live – Bing and Flop have arrived at the CBeebies hotel for a short Holiday, but something is wrong with Bing, he’s nervous. He wants to make new friends but doesn’t know how. Hopefully the audience can give Bing confidence and in doing so become the best of friends.
  • 7.30pm: Tots Disco – A specially tailored disco for tiny dancers. The music isn’t too loud, but it’s bright, colourful and full of energy.
  • 7.30pm-9.30pm: Ready for Bed – In the library from 7.30pm there’s a relaxation area filled with stories, restful activities and calming music for any potential sleepy heads who want a break from the heightened energy of the main room.
  • 8pm: Octonauts – The Octonauts are visiting the CBeebies Hotel as part of a nationwide tour to teach people about UK waterways. During the presentation a distress call is received from a Water Vole in danger. Luckily the Octonauts have just explained what to do in such an event, its now a race against time for you to explore the danger area, rescue the vole and protect its habitat.
  • 8.30pm: Disco – Any remaining energy can be danced away during the final CBeebies Disco session
  • 9pm: Stargazing – As darkness falls and bedtime beckons the stars shine bright, so grab yourself a beanbag and look up at the skies. Join the CBeebies Hotel Presenters as they talk about the fascinating wonders of our solar system and the constellations viewable that night.

Everyday there is a programme of late afternoon/evening entertainment available for village guests. Those staying in the village can head over to the archery range to see if they can hit the bullseye, or instead visit the Village Green to join in with activities such as Games & Sports, Nature Trail, Circus School and Treasure Hunt.

  • Calypso Crew – The Calypso Crew Kids Club provides lots of fun activities for younger guests to participate in throughout the day.
  • Ringo’s Adventure Evening – Taking place in the early evening, children can enjoy interactive shows and dance along to music.
  • Family Disco – Every evening in Ma Garitta’s Bar there is music and dancing from the Hotel Entertainers, which you can join in with.
  • Meet CBeebies characters – Postman Pat, Tree Fu Tom, Mike the Knight and Evie have all been spotted at the hotel.