Located on the ground floor of the Alton Towers Hotel, in between Dragons Bar and Secret Garden Restaurant, The Emperor Grill serves the resort’s premium food offering, with a range of Chargrills and Flame Grilled Skewers being just some of the dishes on the menu.

Dinner reservations for The Emperor Grill can be made for times between 6pm and 10pm, slightly later than the Secret Garden Restaurant. There are no childrens menus available, with this restaurant typically having a more adult atmosphere.

The restaurant is only open during peak periods of the season, and so it is recommended that you make a reservation early to ensure that you can eat there. The space is also available for hire as a corporate venue, and so may be closed should there be such an event at the resort.

The Emperor Grill unarguably serves some of the best food on resort, although its menu is largely dominated by meat dishes, with a very limited number of vegetarian options.