Guests may have ridden the ride itself, but would they dare sleep in the bedroom?

The Oblivion Bedroom opened alongside the ride in 1998 and slept up to six guests, until it was replaced by the Sleepover Room in 2006.

The room’s lights were activated by placing your right hand on the access panel located on the wall, which was just one of the futuristic touches found throughout the suite, such as electric lighting plates! The theming even stretched to the en-suite bathroom, with the sound effect of a futuristic voice saying “Sanitation in progress!” when you flushed the toilet.

There was one double bed, bunk beds and a sofa bed. Some of the additional benefits of this themed room were a selection of Oblivion souvenirs to take home and an X-celerator fastrack, which allowed guests one Priority access on every major ride in the theme park.