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Welcome to the TowersTimes SW6 mini site!

We're here to bring you the latest news, developments and gossip on the brand new rollercoaster for 2010 at Alton Towers, codenamed by many as Secret Weapon 6, or SW6 for short.

You can check out the latest news on SW6 that we've collected from the press to the latest gossip and pictures. We've also got all the ride plans ready to go, as well as our very own SW6 timeline, capturing and recording the snippets of nerws and rumours as they emerged in a chronologically organised timeline.

Of course theres full discussion and debate over on the TowersTimes forums, so get signed in (in the top right corner!) or register for a free account and then get stuck in to the exciting discussion about Alton Towers new flagship ride.

Don't forget - our guide is work in progress (and lucky you for stumbling upon it - we've not finished yet!) so check back as we'll be working to bring new updates and features to our SW6 mini guide very soon...

Latest News

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Ride Statistics

Opens: Spring 2010
Area: Ug Land (currently)
Manufacturer:  Intamin
Ride Type: Steel Rollercoaster (with Lift Hill)
Ride Length: Unknown
Ride Height: Unknown
Ride Cars: Unknown
Features: Enclosed (dark?) ride section
Backwards helix section
Switchback track used
Theme: Woodland/Castle Ruins


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