Take control of some of the resort’s most popular attractions with our Ride Simulators.

These simulators have been ported over from an older version of TowersTimes and require Adobe Flash. As browsers have developed over time, the support for Flash is decreasing. We know that the simulators can work in Microsoft Edge if you have Flash enabled, but we are unable to provide any further support. As the simulators require the use of a keyboard, we do not recommend attempting to play on a mobile browser.

Ride Simulators

Air / Galactica

Created before Air was transformed in to Galactica, in this simulator you operate one of the two stations of the 2002 world’s first New Generation Flying coaster. Complete with queue time and queue-line sound effects, it’s up to you to help your guests assume the position and take a flight around Forbidden Valley.

Air Sim


Test your control proficiency with the Blade Simulator! Usually the ride operator uses an automatic program to control the boat, but in the simulator you can also manually control the height and duration of the ride. Try not to make people sea sick!


Operate Alton Towers’ famous Inverted coaster by controlling the restraints, floor, gates and dispatch. See how many riders per hour you can achieve! It’s completely up to you – the operator!

Nemesis Sim


Are you ready for Oblivion? In this simulator you can operate both loading bays of the 1998 world’s first vertical drop coaster. Complete with a queue time and scoring system, it’s up to you to help your guests conquer their fear and take the plunge into the unknown.


Can you cut it!? Remembering one of the resort’s most loved thrill rides, you can become an online ride operator with the Ripsaw Simulator!  Choose one of the automated programs which control the ride for you, or have a go at manually controlling the ride.


Another long lost attraction! Traditionally the ride operator uses an automated program which controls the gondola, but to make things a little more interesting you will have to manually control the speed and direction. Make sure the seats are securely fastened!