As we prepare to celebrate 15 years of in 2017, we want to give our members and readers the opportunity to ask the TowersTimes & SouthParks Team (some of whom have been around since the very beginning) any questions that you may have!

Whether it be the management of the TTSP Forum, the work that goes into the websites, perhaps even to find out more about the TTSP Team on a personal level or something else that you’re curious about – the more original the better!

Check out our Team page for a quick rundown of everyone’s roles and potential inspiration for what to ask. You can also make sure you’re not asking us about something that’s already been revealed for all of the internet to see.

To submit your questions, it’s as simple as just filling in the form on this page. While all questions will be read, naturally we request that you use your judgement to only ask those which are appropriate. We will also be unable to respond to questions that would involve revealing information that we deem to be sensitive or would jeopardise our relationship with any of the resorts that we cover. Although the TTSP Team will be aware of who’s asked what questions, they will be reposted anonymously and similar questions may be combined.

We’ll provide answers to all suitable questions in a single post in this topic on the TTSP Forum in a few weeks time, but for now we look forward to hearing what questions you have!

We are no longer accepting submissions. Thank you to everyone who did submit questions!