Here you can take a look at the photo galleries from all of our previous events. Going back to our very first event in 2013, there’s certainly plenty of photos to look through!

Spring Spectacular 2019

We kicked off our 2019 events at Alton Towers Resort with a day that included exclusive ride time on The Smiler, a presentation on The Alton Towers Dungeon that uncovered the secrets behind the Resort’s latest attraction, before discovering Staffordshire’s darkest history for ourselves as we staged a takeover of The Alton Towers Dungeon itself.


Southern Screamer 2019

It was back to Thorpe Park Resort for the SouthParks Southern Screamer! Attendees took on the heat of Nemesis Inferno with an hour of exclusive ride time; discovered what goes into marketing the Island with a Q&A with the Resort Marketing Team; and delved into the secrets of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon in a never before offered, exclusive, behind the scenes tour!


TowersTimes’ Summer Festival Vol. 2

We returned to Alton Towers Resort for Vol. 2 of TTSP Events’ hottest event ever! The day included exclusive ride time on Rita, a special talk and Q&A from the Resort’s Technical Services Team, and extended exclusive ride time on Wicker Man. Once the theme park closed, we headed to the Courtyard and Welcom-Inn to enjoy a party in the park until late.


ScareMazing 2019

ScareMazing returned for its seventh deadly instalment, featuring exclusive run throughs of some of the Resort’s most terrifying mazes, as well as the chance to discover some of the secrets behind Scarefest with a special talk. Once the park closed, we went behind the scenes of The Attic: Terror of the Towers and Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skin Snatchers to uncover how the scares are made.


Spring Spectacular 2018

We headed to Chessington World of Adventures Resort for our first event of 2018. We got in a spin with exclusive ride time on Dragon’s Fury, discovered some of the secrets behind the magic with a presentation from Merlin Magic Making and exclusive behind the scenes tour of The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, and took aim in an exclusive takeover of Temple of Mayhem!


Southern Screamer 2018

Our feet didn’t touch the ground at the 2018 Southern Screamer, held at THORPE PARK Resort! On the Island like no other, guests experienced exclusive ride time on The Swarm, and a behind the scenes tour of The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare.


TowersTimes’ Summer Festival

We hit Alton Towers Resort for our hottest event ever, including Exclusive Ride Time on Nemesis, Oblivion and Wicker Man, as well as a presentation from Lizzie Roberts and Gaz Morris giving the lowdown on Wicker Man’s marketing campaign and operations. The fun continued after park close too, as we headed to the courtyard and The Welcom-Inn, where a live DJ awaited guests.


ScareMazing 2018

Guests prepared for our scariest event of the year, as ScareMazing returned to Alton Towers Resort, featuring exclusive ride time on Alton Towers’ most famous monster – Nemesis, plus, access to all four of the Resort’s terrifying scare mazes! That wasn’t all – we also had an exclusive talk that uncovered some of the secrets behind 2018’s Halloween spooktacular!

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What better way to celebrate our 15th birthday than with an event to remember at Alton Towers Resort! Guests enjoyed exclusive ride time on both The Smiler and Nemesis, a special talk detailing the past, present, and future of TowersTimes and SouthParks, and an exclusive Q&A with John Wardley to finish the day.


Summer Sizzler 2017

We headed to THORPE PARK Resort for a day full of fun, thrills and exclusives as we took our Summer Sizzler south. The day started with a talk and Q&A from the resort’s Operations Director, Andy Walker. Later in the day, we embarked on a behind the scenes tour of The Swarm, and finished with exclusive ride time on Stealth.

ScareMazing 2017

We fed the flames at our biggest ScareMazing yet, hosted at Alton Towers Resort. Guests saw behind the scenes of three mazes, before enjoying a takeover of all four scare mazes. The creative team spoke about how Scarefest’s spooks and thrills are brought to life, while Wayne Burton gave a glimpse into SW8’s development.

Spring Spectacular

We sprang into all the best Alton Towers Resort had to offer with our first event of 2016! Guests embarked on the first flight of the day on Galactica. Then, in the afternoon, were given a talk from Wayne Burton on Towers Loving Care and Galactica. The day finished on a joyous note with exclusive ride time on The Smiler.


Southern Screamer 2016

Our feet didn’t touch the ground when we headed to Thorpe Park Resort for our first southern event of 2016. We started our day with early access to the Resort. Then, once the park had closed, enjoyed exclusive ride time on the resort’s hottest rollercoaster, Nemesis Inferno, followed by a fascinating look behind the scenes.


Summer Sizzler 2016

It was back to Alton Towers Resort for our hottest event of the year. We started the day with ERT on TH13TEEN, then, in the afternoon, enjoyed an informative talk from senior management about the Resort’s behind the scenes operations. The day ended with a second exclusive ride time, this time on the infamous Nemesis.


ScareMazing South 2016

We descended on THORPE PARK Resort for another day to remember at the infamous FRIGHT NIGHTS. Guests delved behind the screams of PLATFORM 15 and THE BIG TOP, experienced fast tracked entry to a maze of their choice, plus took on the Island’s rides in the dark.


ScareMazing North 2016

Guests experienced maximum madness at our final event of 2016 as they discovered the secrets behind the scares on a behind the scenes tour of Altonville Mine Tours, pushed themselves to the limit with extreme versions of all three of the resort’s mazes, and enjoyed a Q&A with some of the masterminds behind Scarefest.

The Smiler


We kicked off 2015 back at Alton Towers Resort, with a day guaranteed to make members smile! The resort’s technical team provided a Q&A on The Smiler, before we ventured into the park for the first ever exclusive ride time on the ride itself and ended our day with another exclusive ride time on Rita, to celebrate its 10th birthday.


Southern Weekender

We headed down to the UK’s southern parks to enjoy two days of theme park fun. Our day at THORPE PARK Resort began with a talk and Q&A and ended with ERT and a behind the scenes tour of Stealth. The following day guests were treated to ERT on Vampire and Dragon’s Fury, as well as a behind the scenes look at Vampire.


Summer Sizzler 2015

We returned to Alton Towers Resort for the third Summer Sizzler! The day began with ERT on the world’s first vertical drop coaster, Oblivion. Guests also enjoyed an informative talk and Q&A with two members of the Theme Park Operations team and ended the day with a dizzying extended, exclusive ride time on Sonic Spinball.


ScareMazing South 2015

SouthParks returned to THORPE PARK Resort as the carnival rolled into town. After being some of the first guests to enter the park, attendees enjoyed a short talk from senior resort staff, as well as a behind the scenes tour of SAW Alive and THE BIG TOP before gaining fastrack into a maze of their choice!


ScareMazing North 2015

With Scarefest seeing a whole new host of attractions, ScareMazing North returned bigger than ever. Guests saw behind the scenes of Terror of the Towers and The Haunting of Molly Crowe, then had extreme run-throughs of all three mazes! Pete Cliff and Chris Carter also provided an insight into the creation of the event.


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Our biggest event yet, which celebrated 20 years of the legendary Nemesis! TowersTimes opened the 2014 season with an exclusive ‘ride it first’ ERT on the ride itself and to end the day we held an exclusive Q&A with the ride’s designer, John Wardley.


Southern Screamer

To celebrate the relaunch of SouthParks, we held our first event at Thorpe Park! Guests received early access to The Swarm, exclusive ride time and a behind-the-scenes of Saw: The Ride, as well as a tour of the old Canada Creek Railway line, before heading over to the Angry Birds Land construction site.


Summer Sizzler 2014

A year on from the first TowersTimes Event, we returned to the Alton Towers Resort for the hottest event of the year. We started the day with early access to Nemesis and exclusive ride time on Air and finished with an extreme version of Nemesis: Sub Terra.

Opening Scaremonies

ScareMazing South

For part 1 of our ScareMazing saga we were the stars at Thorpe Park Resort’s Fright Nights. Guests were treated to a talk from Jason Wills, the resort’s Marketing Director, before being given early access to the park. We also got to venture behind-the-scenes of three of the country’s most frightening live action horror mazes.


ScareMazing North

At the final event of the year attendees once again gained early access to the park and had the opportunity to handle creepy crawlies, before listening to a talk from a senior resort staff member; Tim Gaylard. As well as fastrack, guests were also given extreme run-throughs of the resort’s scaremazes and scarezones.


Summer Sizzler 2013

This was the event that started it all! Attendees enjoyed exclusive ride time on Oblivion and Nemesis, before finishing the day with exclusive access to Berry Bish Bash. It certainly kicked off the new era of TowersTimes Events with a bang!


ScareMazing 2013

TowersTimes took over Scarefest in style. Guests were treated to exclusive talks from Pete Cliff and Gerry Cannell, exclusive ride time on Oblivion, fastrack in Dark Forest and extreme versions of both Terror of the Towers and The Sanctuary.