The line-up for Scarefest 2019 has been revealed by Alton Towers Resort, promising to be ‘bigger, better and spookier than ever’. With a brand-new family maze, the revival of a classic scare attraction, the return of some of the Resort’s award-winning scare mazes, and the appearance of some family favourite characters, TowersTimes examines all the details of this year’s line-up.

Heading up the Resort’s line up of thrilling mazes for 2019 is ‘The Attic: Terror of The Towers’. This ‘chilling’ new maze invites guests to venture into The Attic to discover who is lurking there and what terrible crimes they are seeking to avenge. The Attic sees the revival of Alton Towers Resort’s signature scare maze which took a hiatus during Scarefest 2018.

There will also be an all new maze for families to enjoy with ‘Darkest Depths’ debuting in Mutiny Bay. Guests will go on a ghostly voyage into pirate folklore to discover some of the legendary creatures of the deep. Whilst the precise location of the maze within Mutiny Bay has not been confirmed, the new logo for the maze suggests a possible link to Sharkbait Reef by Sealife, therefore could we see the maze located within the Sealife Centre, or could it be located within the Courtyard replacing The Welcoming?


The Alton Towers Dungeon is promising less laughs and more screams for the arrival of Halloween, with even more shocks and surprises for those who venture down the Black River. Could this hint that the Resort’s newest addition will be receiving a special overlay for the spooky season?

Making a return for 2019 are Project 42; Sub Species – The End Games; and Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover the Legend of the Skin Snatchers, taking the total number of thrill mazes on 2019’s line-up to four, matching the number from 2018. However, it would seem that The Beornen will not be inviting guests to The Welcoming with the maze having been removed from the maze roster for 2019. There will also be no vloggers or guests entering the House of Monsters during 2019 with the popular family maze not returning. With House of Monsters being located in Cloud Cuckoo Land, could its closure suggest that this area of the Resort could be the next part of the theme park to be re-developed?

Franklyn, Patch, Skelvin, Phil and Gretyl return with their Freaky Fun Zone, this time located on the Front Lawns, which will offer a full line up of shows and meet and greets. Back for a second year will be the Freaky Funk Squad with their rock n roll performances, whilst over in CBeebies Land all your favourite CBeebies characters will be attending the CBeebies Land Monster Ball ensuring there is Halloween fun for all ages. Of course no Scarefest would be complete without the Alton Ancestors who will rise from the grave once more to bring their own unique dance moves to Towers Street and Gloomy Wood. With the theme park open until 9pm each night during Scarefest, there will also be plenty of opportunity to experience some of the Resort’s most popular rides in the dark.