Enchanted Village Construction Update – 2nd March 2015

/Enchanted Village Construction Update – 2nd March 2015

Enchanted Village Construction Update – 2nd March 2015

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With just over six weeks to go until the Enchanted Village opens at Alton Towers Resort, construction of the latest accommodation is beginning to enter the final stages ready for the grand opening on April 18th.

Scaffolding has now been taken down from the first three luxury treehouses indicating that the outside shells are now complete, with the focus of construction now shifting to the interior of the buildings. The ramps which formerly provided access to the treehouses have been taken away and in their place the walkway providing the approach to each treehouse is in the process of being built. This walkway takes the form of a mix of solid platforms connected by undulating wooden bridges in-keeping with the fairy tale theme. A number of smaller details are also evident, with exterior light fittings being installed on the front doors, and the decking to the rear of some of the treehouses being complete. The treehouses feature some interesting, quirky window designs, alongside split level doors, the top half of which contain a feature glass panel.

Across the development, tarmac pathways have been laid providing walkways around the village and away towards the rest of the resort. It would appear that these pathways are going to be plain tarmac, something which is somewhat disappointing and not in-keeping with the overall feel of the development. Work has also continued on the fencing surrounding the accommodation with the outer boundary fence continuing to be placed close to the lodges. It is interesting to note that the gates in the fencing which will allow access to and from the area are positioned very close to some of the lodges – something which could potentially cause some degree of noise and disturbance for those guests staying in the lodges next to the gate.

What appears to be the accommodation shop has been put in place and can be distinguished from the other buildings by the contrasting outer fascia. Work on the roof of the Crooked Spoon Restaurant is now complete with the scaffolding removed. The majority of work on the outside shell of the restaurant is nearly at an end meaning that the focus of work can now move towards the interior of the building.

Landscaping work is continuing across the site with part of the 9 foot fence which formerly shielded the development from view being replaced with metal scaffold fencing to allow for the laying of new turf and installation of roads and pathways.

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