Enchanted Village Construction Update

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Enchanted Village Construction Update

2017-02-26T15:47:50+00:00February 10th, 2015|

The Great British Winter might have been throwing everything it has got at the Enchanted Village construction site at Alton Towers Resort, but that hasn’t stopped steady progress being made on 2015’s new accommodation.

Having now completed the clusters nearest to the hotel, the main construction activity has moved across to the far side of the site. The final cluster of lodges (with the exception of 3 lodges yet to be installed in the very centre of the site) are currently in the process of being built with some awaiting their roofs to be fitted, and other plots have foundations ready for the next delivery of lodges. The third of three service sheds has also been erected.

One thing that can be noted from the clusters already completed is the positioning of the boundary fencing. At certain points the fence is positioned particularly close to the lodges, in some cases meaning certain rooms have views immediately outside the window of the green metal fence. It would also appear that immediately behind this fence is set to be turned into a road making its way around the back of these lodges, something which at peak time could potentially cause significant traffic noise.

The outside features of the Crooked Spoon Restaurant are nearing completion with the installation of glass windows around the building, and wooden fascias being installed, along with some finer details – including edging along some of the roof line. Nearby to the Crooked Spoon, the main sub-station is being installed which will provide power across the site.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this development is the treehouses. Since our last update the outer finishes have now been largely installed really helping to make the fairytale theme the resort is aiming to create a reality. Each treehouse is being finished to a high level of detail helping to give each its own character, including individual patterns of tiles on the roofs, and smaller details such as what appear to be heating vents. On top of one of the treehouse roofs is what appears to be a short piece of wire – is this designed to be a form of lightning rod, or does it have some other purpose? In front of the treehouses workers can be seen marking out the roadway ready for the surface to be laid suggesting that the exterior construction work surrounding the treehouses is nearing completion.

To see the full photo construction update make sure you visit our dedicated Enchanted Village construction page. With a little over two months until opening, what are your thoughts on the development so far? Do you have a stay booked this year? Make sure you have your say over on the TowersTimes Forum. Meanwhile, TowersTimes will continue to keep you up to date with developments across the resort.

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