MI7 Strikes Again! Alton Towers Resort Aerial Update – Part 3

/MI7 Strikes Again! Alton Towers Resort Aerial Update – Part 3

MI7 Strikes Again! Alton Towers Resort Aerial Update – Part 3

2017-02-26T15:47:50+00:00January 10th, 2015|

For the third and final time in this latest set of aerial updates MI7 has provided some spectacular shots of Alton Towers Resort from above. Following on from the previous update featuring the Enchanted Village, this time we take a look at the closed season developments across the theme park.

Many of the rides across the resort are undergoing their regular routine winter maintenance, with Twirling Toadstools being dismantled in Cloud Cuckoo Land, Blade being covered, and Ripsaw surrounded by its customary scaffolding in Forbidden Valley.

Over in Dark forest Rita was receiving an extensive clean with workers hanging off the track itself to carry out pressure washing on the track. 2015 will be Rita’s 10th birthday and it looks like it is receiving some extra attention as a result this closed season.

In X-Sector Enterprise has been almost completely dismantled with the ride cars having been removed and only the spokes can be seen still in place. No major work appears to have been carried out on either The Smiler or Oblivion, however a large cherry picker type vehicle can be seen suggesting some minor maintenance work is being carried out.

The most significant work was being carried out in Katanga Canyon with Congo River Rapids’ station roof in the process of being replaced.

Apart from the usual maintenance work on Ripsaw, as mentioned previously, there was little sign of any other major work. This will disappoint many fans who were hoping that Nemesis would receive some significant attention prior to its 21st birthday in March.

What are your views on the closed season developments across the park? For the full photo update from MI7 head over to the TowersTimes Forum. As the first opening of 2015 gets ever closer, TowersTimes will continue to keep you up to date with all the latest from the resort.

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