Th13teen: Unlucky for some? Not today!

/Th13teen: Unlucky for some? Not today!

Th13teen: Unlucky for some? Not today!

2014-01-19T15:13:17+00:00August 13th, 2010|

After causing a little bit of a stir on their Facebook wall after announcing that the new for 2010 ultimate thrill ride ‘Th13teen’ would be closed today on Friday 13th, it seems the resort has come up with another plan instead to keep the punters happy and avoid any superstitious worries.

Fourteen (or is that Fou13teen?) debuts on Friday 13th for one very special day only. That’s right – ‘Th13teen’ has become ‘Fourteen’ instead for all those friggatriskaidekaphobics that might be thinking about taking a ride today.

Guests can also enjoy limited edition ‘Fourteen’ merchandise available from the ride shop for today only.

Why is Friday the 13th such a concern for some? Check out the Wikipedia article on Friday 13th for all the low down.

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