Th13teen: Ride Downtime Problems

/Th13teen: Ride Downtime Problems

Th13teen: Ride Downtime Problems

2014-01-19T16:55:28+00:00March 26th, 2010|

Alton Towers have informed guests via the official website that Th13teen is currently experiencing technical problems. They advise that, whilst they are doing everything in their power to insure it is open as soon as possible, if you are visiting specifically to ride on the new attraction, that you consider an alternative visit date. The present downtime follows a successful opening few days for the ride, when it actually operated better than original estimates suggested.

It is not uncommon for new rides to suffer from downtime. Indeed, Saw – The Ride, which opened at Thorpe Park in 2009, had a lot of problems following its opening which resulted in massively reduced capacities and days of unavailability. Similar problems were had with the likes of Stealth, Mumbo Jumbo, Rita and Air – all of which have opened in the UK over the past decade.

For the latest information, see the Alton Towers website.

EDIT: Th13teen re-opened to guests on Saturday, 27.3.10.