Dark Forest Springs to Life as 2010 Season Begins

/Dark Forest Springs to Life as 2010 Season Begins

Dark Forest Springs to Life as 2010 Season Begins

2017-02-26T15:48:13+00:00March 21st, 2010|

The shadows have swarmed around Alton Towers, as the park opens for the 2010 unleashing the demons of the Dark Forest upon the world. Wraiths roam about this new area taunting those who dare ride the Towers’ latest coaster Thirteen, which takes rides out through the haunted woodlands before plunging deep into a terrifying crypt.

Of course when they are not luring guests into their domain, the Wraith’s like nothing more then having some fun and games in the Dark Forest’s very own ghoulish playground, including such side shows as Cutter’s Tower, a test of your strength, or Galloping Gargoyles, a fresh look for the area’s race arena.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat the park has a collection of new eating establishments for 2010. As well as Forest Feast and Tormented Treats within the Dark Forest, there is also the new look and menu of the nearby Woodcutter’s Bar and Grill. Meanwhile in Mutiny Bay there is the brand new Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop alongside Courtyard Pancakes, which has joined the multitude of eating establishments centred around the area’s Courtyard.

Other new features to look forward to in 2010 include the new look Sonic Spinball, which was unveiled for February Half Term, along with new exhibits for Sharkbait Reef, which opened last year. This season also sees the return of the iconic Corkscrews, which have been installed as a piece of artwork in the entrance plaza, providing a striking new look for Towers Street.