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It doesn't matter how many times it is mentioned that it was a joke, people still think the bro Go >>

- Luviico

Depends on when the advert was made in relation to when the decision was made to remove Submission I Go >>

- DannyG

Another drop testing vid from yesterday, IT SHOWS THE SEATS TILTING!!http://www.pixelsattheparks.com Go >>

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Where's the history section? I can't see it anywhere.Statistics: Posted by lf2001 — Sun Ap Go >>

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http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/10768New coaster, it's my first attempt at an RMC style inverti Go >>

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haydn! wrote:Really great, fun site. Really like it and always worthy of a visit every now and then. Go >>

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Thanks! We were originally planning to go on the Tuesday but we were not 100% sure, until now. Will Go >>

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Bank holidays will be horrendous, I'd definitely recommend you go on Tuesday when most schools Go >>

- bayesium

Hi! We're thinking about going tomorrow rather than on tuesday? Would the bank holiday itself b Go >>

- haydn!

Really great, fun site. Really like it and always worthy of a visit every now and then.That said, it Go >>

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Most new smartphones have panorama built in to their cameras.Statistics: Posted by DannyG — Sun Apr Go >>

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I advise an app. Don't know what it's called but it is like a 3D panorama and it takes a p Go >>

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Has anyone received tickets for july yet through the sun? Thanks Statistics: Posted by hackford3 — S Go >>

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Hi and happy Easter to all the recent arrivals!Statistics: Posted by lewis97 — Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:5 Go >>

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I'm on park from friday coming for a week so will be able to get a lot of additional referance Go >>

A visit to The Alton Towers Resort is incredibly fun and exciting, TowersTimes is here to make sure that planning it is just as fantastical. We’ve compiled all of our expert knowledge into the following sections. If you want some further helpful tips and tricks you can always ask for help on our forum!
Travel Directions


Getting to The Alton Towers Resort is easy however you intend to travel! We’ll show you how to find the resort in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Height Restrictions

Height Restrictions

For safety reasons many rides and attractions have height restrictions. Check here to see if you’re tall enough to face Nemesis or if you’re better off with Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Opening Times

Opening Times

The Alton Towers Theme Park has varying opening hours throughout the season. Check them here before visiting to ensure you make the most of your day!

tickets transparent

Ticket Prices

Here you’ll find all the prices and information you’ll need to purchase a ticket to the resort’s magical attractions.


Queue Busters

TowersTimes’ expert tips and advice on how to avoid the biggest queues and maximise your time.

Special Events

Special Events

From scary labyrinths full of your worst nightmares to magical firework displays, special events at The Alton Towers Resort are an experience like no other.



From the Pirates of Mutity Bay to the exceptionally cool Ice Age, check out the showtimes in advance to make the most of your day.

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Local Accommodation

Coming Soon – TowersTimes takes a look at some of the best local accommodation.