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There’s always something exciting in the pipeline at Alton Towers Resort, whether it be a brand new theme park attraction, an addition to its range of accommodation or an expansion of its resort offering.

Towers Loving Care – 2016 until 2018

At the end of 2015, Alton Towers Resort announced their three year experience improvement scheme, ‘Towers Loving Care’. As well as bringing guests a variety of new attractions, the scheme will also see extensive renovations carried out across the Resort. From repainting rides and Theme Park areas to refurbishing existing attractions, the aim is to return the magic to all aspects of the Resort.


Secret Weapon 8 – 2018

Following the submission of a Screening Opinion Request in April 2016, Alton Towers Resort submitted a full planning application for their next major rollercoaster, Secret Weapon 8, just over a month later, at the end of May. The plans confirmed that it would be a wooden rollercoaster, an exciting difference to previous Secret Weapons, that would open on the former site of The Flume in 2018.


Enchanted Village Expansion – 2019 until 2021

At the beginning of February 2016, Alton Towers Resort submitted a planning application seeking permission to implement Phase 2 of the Enchanted Village. The development would see 35 new lodges added, alongside a tipi entertainments area and associated service buildings, which would be constructed in three sub-phases with construction starting in 2018 through to 2021.