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Welcome to our features section, here you’ll find a wide variety of extra Alton Towers Resort related content, including our own version of the park map, the ability to virtually control one of the Resort’s exciting rides and the full rundown of future developments. We’re continuously adding new content so check back regularly for more!


Future Developments

There’s always something exciting in the pipeline at Alton Towers Resort, whether it be a brand new theme park attraction, an addition to its range of accommodation or an expansion of its resort offering.

John Wardley

Nemesis@20 – John Wardley Q&A

As part of our Nemesis@20 Event, John Wardley gave an exclusive Q&A to our members. If you didn’t get to come along then we’ve got a video of the entire thing for you.

Simulators & Games

Take control of the rides at Alton Towers Resort, virtually of course. Alternatively test you skills on one of our ride themed games.

TowersTimes Map

For many years TowersTimes created its own park map to show the development of the resort. Whilst we no longer update this we’ve kept it on here by popular request!

TTSP Advent Calendar

Starting on December 1st, each day we reveal a (mostly embarrassing) picture of our members, the team, or anyone else who has been involved in our community, all in the name of celebrating Christmas!