Over three million hits a year is a huge amount for a website to receive, so naturally a team of dedicated  and welcoming people are needed as the driving force behind it. TowersTimes has just that, with a team of enthusiastic and committed team members  from every corner of the country.

From the running and funding of the main servers, administration and moderation of the community forum, news article editing and writing, to the management of our social media, the TowersTimes team are committed to their roles on a voluntary basis, in order to bring you the best possible experience!

Site Owner / Events Manager South

Chris is the tall and cuddly teddy bear of the team, supporting all aspects of the websites. From the day-to-day operations to future plans, Chris oversees the decision making involved with keeping TowersTimes & SouthParks the best fan sites out there.

Chris TTChris TT
Site Owner

(Other) Chris kindly supports TowersTimes & SouthParks in a variety of ways, including financially as he provides the server that the website has run on for many years.

Branding & Content Manager / Forum Administrator

Adz is heavily involved with administrating the forum, alongside many other aspects of the TowersTimes site. Outside of TowersTimes, Adz can be found complaining, using balloon pumps to power his workplace’s server, or sipping a cocktail in his very own hot tub (ooh, fancy!)


Technical Manager

Minimurderdoll (or Chris number three) is the forum’s resident technician, lashing out at the server with a spanner when things go wrong. Chris is also subjected to hilarious attempts of people trying to pronounce his surname, something which is a near impossible task!

Rob TTRob
Project Manager / Events Manager North

Rob is the events manager for North events. When not creating amazing events he can be found clinging to a truss rig wondering why the lights aren’t working.

Forum Leader

As one of TTSP’s Forum Leaders, Danny is at the forefront of ensuring that the forum is a place of friendly and interesting discussion. Outside of the community, Danny works in marketing, as well as with animals from meerkats to otters in his spare time (when he’s not riding his favourite coasters; Shambhala and The Smiler). During the Halloween season you’ll also find him scare acting, so you could say he’s both the youngest and potentially scariest team member!

Forum Moderator

Dom could be described as one of our more flamboyant team members. When he isn’t running away from Sharkbait Reef, floating down the Congo River Rapids or creating a mess with his glitter in the ShoutBox, he can normally be found keeping an eye on the TTSP Forum.

News & Social Media Manager

Lakey (or Katie as she’s otherwise known) is responsible for keeping TowersTimes and SouthParks up to date with all the latest news from the parks as it happens – from the many news articles, to the various social media outlets, Lakey has it covered! When she’s not busy digging out the latest news, Lakey enjoys her musicals (even performing in a few from time to time), following the ups and downs of her favourite football team, and doing the odd spot of baking.

Web & Graphic Designer

Lewis is one of our younger team members, designing graphics for use across the websites, forum and social media, as well as producing and updating many of the new V3 pages. When he’s not doing that, you can be sure to see him checking up on the goings-on of the forum or keeping up-to-speed with the latest developments from theme parks around the world!

Press Officer & Events Assistant

Michelle is said to be a real life version of the Incredible Hulk, albeit she transforms into a goose when angry and not a raging green monster.


hursty isn’t that difficult to spot when on the resort and is commonly mistaken as a Sherpa with the amount of camera bags he normally carries around with him. His favourite ride on the park is Get Set Go!, though he might not want to admit it. Oddly, he also enjoys taking photos of the various wasp traps located around the resort.

Aerial Photographer

Some say that he’s the love child of Air and Nemesis, and that when he’s exploring the ruins, he enjoys running around on the roof pretending that he’s an airplane. All we know, is he’s MI7!

Tom TTTom TT

Tom is commonly mistaken for a mop, or after climbing a tower, Rapunzel, due to his long and fabulous blonde hair. When he’s not mincing around like a princess due to this fact, Tom enjoys capturing images from some incredibly unique viewpoints.